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  • v.l. Christian Schneider, Tobias Linser (GF Bögra)

The Company

BÖGRA Technologie GmbH and Bronze: It rings of a long partnership, a successful team and an undisturbed alliance; not only at the beginning, but continually through three family generations. Founded in 1913, it was in 2002 that a fundamental restructuring of the company took place.

Competence and the spirit of innovation coupled with unmatched experience and the perpetual efforts for the continuation of partnerships and successful relationships have made us the worldwide leader and principal supplier of Solid Bronze-Bushings.

With our two casting plants and comprehensive machining facilities we ourselves fulfill the most stringent requirements for numerous applications within the automotive and various other industries. During our history we have developed a reputation as a problem solver, thereby supporting our own claim.

BÖGRA … that is Competence in Bronze.